Smart IoT solutions- sustainable waste management

Smart Waste Management

The revolution of disposal system.

Conventional waste management with overfilled containers and empty runs is inefficient and not up to date. With our smart digital solutions we empty containers exactly on demand and are thus making a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal by modernizing its logistics.

A big step towards sustainable waste management.

At the same time, by its increased efficency this digital solution enables you to compensate for bottle necks of qualified drivers. The smart way to confront skilled labor shortage.

As the basis of the MOBIDAT Smart Waste system, smart IoT sensors determine and communicate the fill level of containers as well as other parameters. Those sensors are suitable for temperatures from -30°C up to 75°C, safe and reliable. Withe their help you may plan, execut and evaluate dynamic emptying tours. This not only saves you time and routes, but also costs and CO₂. Smart and sustainable.

You too can rely on smart waste management in your operation.

IoT smart waste solutions by mobiworx

Iot – Smart Waste: Your advantages

  • Digitized and modernized waste management logistics for demand-oriented emptying of containers
  • Reduce environmental impact
  • Avoidance of overfilled waste containers and empty trips
  • Compensation of personnel bottlenecks through digital solutions
our solutions by mobiworx

Our Solutions

  • Intelligent sensor technology
  • Smart, web-based user software
  • Efficient planning, execution and evaluation of emptying tours
  • Smart Waste Management

    Put your faith in the future of thing related services in operational services – put your faith in AI-supported IoT solutions.

    Smart waste management is the first step towards more sustainability in the waste management industry. Our IoT includes contemporary, thing related telematics solutions for modernizing waste management logistics.

    Efficiently save time and costs and significantly reduce CO₂ emissions in waste management by using MOBIWORX smart, thing related IoT solutions.

    Avoid overfilled waste garbage cans and empty trips by using digitized waste management logistics to empty bins on demand.

    With the IoT system, MOBIWORX offers you thing related and efficient solutions for sustainable waste management.

    Mobile data transmission, digitized disposal logistics, time and cost efficiency as well as personnel planning in one IoT system.

    The time-consuming driving of standard routes is a thing of the past. With the optimized and intelligent route planning in the MOBIDAT portal, routes for your waste disposal vehicles or districts are created very easily at the push of a button. The integrated dispatching automatically takes care that the created or changed tours are automatically communicated to the vehicles concerned. This is not only disruptive but also smart and offers decisive advantages in the processes for your waste management company. Of course, with a downstream target/actual comparison for further optimisations and decisions.

    Mobiworx IoT Solutions