Save time and costs

Use telematics data from accessory equipment, to save time and costs.

Accurate telemetric data from accessory equipment – naturally georeferenced – deliver enormous benefits. Not only when activity recordings are to be created automatically.

Also when it comes to analysing the operating conditions of your vehicles and machines. For example to pass on recommendations to drivers in operational services. This information not only increases the quality of your processes. It proves their cost effectiveness. With the MOBIDAT smart telematic system it is possible to record the telematic data of all accessory equipment, with or without data interface. The data is immediately connected to time and place. The data is collected in the on-board computer and transmitted to the Internet platform after the service mission.

On customer request, of course, also in real time.

A user manual for the MOBIDAT smart can be found in the online help of the MOBIWORX PortalNG.

Application fields:

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