Smart solutions

Reaching the goal with safety

Seamless, effective, legally compliant and smart.

Many companies are currently affected by drastic cost-cutting measures in public budgets. At the same time, however, the quality of operational services and object inspections is to be improved. MOBIWORX has the solution:

Digital as well as geo-based
deployment planning

Automatic data acquisition
by means of telematics

Web-based deployment evaluation
and data processing

The MOBIDAT system navigates your operational service vehicles safely through your road network and at the same time guides you out of the data maze. With individual modules, you noticeably increase the efficiency of your operation. Automatic data acquisition saves time-consuming paperwork: tedious handwritten records are no longer necessary. You get a precise overview of operations, inspections, conditions and also all costs. In addition, with the help of digital automated documentation, you can generate verifiable receipts for legal matters at any time. That’s smart – and secure.

winter maintenance mobiworx

Winter Road Maintenance

Efficient winter maintenance through intelligent telematics solutions. Record and optimize winter maintenance services at the exact time and place.

summer maintenance mobiworx

Summer Maintenance

The clear display of resource deployment, including evaluation and effective cost management, offers perfectly tailored solutions in summer.

road sweeping mobiworx

Road Sweeping

Year-round, smart solutions for optimal street cleaning with consideration of traffic safety obligations. Organize your services centrally and automatically.

playground inspection mobiworx

Playground Inspection

Simplify playground inspection with guaranteed evidence according to DIN EN 1176-7 for your legal security by using intelligent telematics solutions.

tree inspection mobiworx

Tree Inspection

Rely on time-saving mobile tree inspection with simplified work planning and clear documentation aligned to the tree inspection guideline FLL 2020.

section inspection mobiworx

Section Inspection

Plan your use of funds both purposefully and preventively through intelligent, sustainable maintenance management including seamless documentation.

order processing mobiworx

Order Processing

Smart job scheduling automatically records services and data during job processing, accurate to the location and time, including evaluation and the option to record data back.

smart waste mobiworx

Smart Waste

Rely on digital solutions for demand-oriented emptying of waste containers using smart, weather-resistant sensors. For more sustainability in the waste management industry.