Mobile order processing with georeferenced service recording

Versatile, effective, reliable

Robust and handy, the MOBIDAT WorkPad assists you with mobile order processing and with activity reporting. At any time and in any place.

The MOBIDAT WorkPad simplifies workflows through intuitive user guidance. Regardless of whether it is a section, a tree, or a playground inspection, or when processing orders or reporting activities and conditions. All data are linked to exact position and time. These georeferenced data are immediately available to you via the secure Internet platform Activity reports, accounting and analyzes are generated automatically. The multimodular design offers versatile fields of application, whether it is activity reporting, section, playground or tree inspection.

The MOBIDAT WorkPad is a real multitalent.

A user manual for the MOBIDAT WorkPad can be found in the online help of the MOBIWORX PortalNG.

Overview of the MOBIWORX WorkPad

Robust handheld unit

Built-in camera

Easiest operation

Secure and affordable data transmission

Reliable data acquisition

Versatile software modules

AppLication Fields:

section inspection solutions by mobiworx

Section Inspection

tree inspection solutions by mobiworx

Tree Inspection

playground inspection solutions by mobiworx

Playground Inspection

order processing solutions by mobiworx

Order Processing