Vehicle Related

smart and clear

Efficient use of operational service vehicles through intelligent, vehicle related telematics solutions.

The coordination and documentation of vehicle related operational services is a complex task.

Make it simple with MOBIDAT’s vehicle related telematics solutions. Designed for vehicle related operational services, tasks are recorded precisely to time and location – automatically and retrievable from anywhere on the MOBIDAT platform.

Plan your operational services cost-efficiently and saving resources using automated processes and clear presentation of resource management and detailed evaluation.

Fully automated and easy to use. The simple operation offers various interfaces to the vehicles as well as their attachments and guarantees a complete and legally compliant data collection.

Discover the MOBIDAT product range with vehicle-based solutions for winter and summer service, street cleaning and waste management.

vehicle bound solutions by mobiworx
Winter maintenance solutions by mobiworx

Winter Road Maintenance

Efficient winter maintenance through intelligent telematics solutions. Record and optimize winter maintenance services at the exact time and place.

summer maintenance solutions by mobiworx

Summer Maintenance

The clear display of resource deployment, including evaluation and effective cost management, offers perfectly tailored solutions in summer.

road sweeping solutions by mobiworx

Road Sweeping

Year-round, smart solutions for optimal street cleaning with consideration of traffic safety obligations. Organize your services centrally and automatically.

smart waste solutions mobiworx

Smart Waste

Rely on digital solutions for demand-oriented emptying of waste containers using smart, weather-resistant sensors. For more sustainability in the waste management industry.