Solutions for Order Processing

On time and reliable

As a dispatcher it is your mission to ensure that orders are always processed on time and correctly. For you and your clients, one thing counts above all: Best quality at the best possible price.

An optimal, fast and secure order planning and processing offers enormous advantages here. Order processing is an integral part of the MOBIDAT portal modules. The manual and time-consuming recording of orders is a thing of the past. During order processing, all services and data are automatically recorded with MOBIDAT, accurate to location and time. The data is determined digitally and communicated to the portal. The services processed are conveniently recorded in the portal. Furthermore, detailed evaluations of individual data and services are available there (exact recording of distances and areas).

Section inspections and damage are documented and categorized on a mobile basis. Operations can be reported transparently and with standardized activity reports. Performance-based billing enables enormous savings. Lump-sum invoices are a thing of the past. This also creates a data basis for your cost/performance accounting. If desired, even directly in your existing system (SAP, building yard software, etc.).

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