Solutions for Section Inspection

Clever maintenance management

Maintenance management – smart and effective.

The snow is barely gone, they suddenly come into the open: Potholes, tears and damaged spots on roads, bicycle lanes and sidewalks that appear now become a hazard for all that are on their way with a vehicle or on foot.

Damaged sites on buildings, structures and roads must be recognised by the maintenance management in time. With preventative measures, the quality of the road network can be improved. The German TÜV Rheinland advises public providers to make long-term and preventive plans for road maintenance. In times of short public budgets, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep all roads and ways in an ideal condition.

Thus for example, a preservation management becomes worthwhile, that regularly records the condition of the network of roads and pathways. On this basis, the allocation of resources can be planned more effectively. “Up to 30% cost-cutting can be achieved in the long run” says the German TÜV Rheinland.

MOBIDAT not only documents and evaluates the damages. Furthermore, the resulting measures thus become predictable and calculable. To be able to grant the safety on the roads, a precise documentation is carried out and transmitted via the Internet platform MOBIDAT is compatible with existing systems (eg. Doppik, NKF) and adaptable. The administration effort is reduced.

Sensible investment saves time and costs.

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