Solutions for Winter Road Maintenance

Mobility with security

Digital gritting books with automated data capture make handwritten records obsolete. Especially in winter many road users expect unrestricted mobility. This is an expectation that places very high demands on road maintenance services. Year after year.

Nowadays, it is no longer enough to send just one gritting vehicle onto the road. But the more vehicles are on the road at the same time, the more complicated it becomes to maintain an overview. Precise documentation of location and time is mandatory, but is often neglected in the stress of work.

MOBIDAT was specially developed to automate time-consuming processes. This not only relieves the drivers, but also the office. The actual task comes back into focus: winter maintenance. When the winter maintenance go out to clear roads and paths of snow and ice, there is no time for documentation of a comprehensible quality.

MOBIDAT telematics systems record winter maintenance fully automatically, with time and location accuracy (geo-referenced). Without additional paperwork. All data is available shortly after use. Via secure Internet and without time-consuming software installation. The platform makes it possible. Data that enables seamless cost and performance accounting. Map overviews and evaluations are automatically allocated to cost units. Invoicing for carriers becomes child’s play. Even with a small budget, sustainable cost management is guaranteed.

The time-consuming experience of learning trips is a thing of the past. With the intelligent and intuitive route planning in the MOBIDAT portal, routes for your winter service vehicles or districts are created very easily. The integrated dispatching takes care that the created or changed tours are automatically communicated to the vehicles concerned. This is not only disruptive but also smart and offers decisive advantages in the processes for your winter service. Of course, with a downstream target/actual comparison for further optimisations and decisions.